Label:Pressure Sounds

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Album Artist Catalog No. Year
17 North ParadeVarious ArtistsPSCD 171972-75
Aquarius RockVarious ArtistsPSCD 45197X
DecibelDennis BovellPSCD 391976-83
Divine MadnessVarious ArtistsPSCD 321974-77
Don't Call Us ImmigrantsVarious ArtistsPSCD 28197X
Down Santic WayVarious ArtistsPSCD 461973-75
Drum SoundVarious ArtistsPSCD 551974-80
Dubbing With The RoyalsRoyalsPSCD 44197X
El Rocker'sAugustus PabloPSCD 291972-75
Every Mouth Must Be FedVarious ArtistsPSCD 591973-76
Firehouse RevolutionKing TubbyPSCD 341985-89
Health & StrengthPrince Far IPSCD 181978-79
In Fine StyleAugustus PabloPSCD 38197X
Life Goes In CirclesVarious ArtistsPSCD 521974-79
Maxfield Avenue BreakdownRevolutionariesPSCD 311974-79
More Pressure Vol 1Various ArtistsPSCD 50197X
Mr FunnyPrince JazzboPSCD 30197X
No Bones For The DogsJoe Gibbs & Professionals & Errol ThompsonPSCD 371974-79
Packin HouseLittle RoyPSCD 26197X
Phil Pratt ThingVarious ArtistsPSCD 27197X
Produced And Directed By The UpsetterVarious ArtistsPSCD 191974-77
Psalms Of DrumsCarlton Patterson & King TubbyPSCD 12197X
Red Bumb BallVarious ArtistsPSCD 401966-68
Riding the Roots ChariotDerrick HarriottPSCD 20197X
RockstoneNativePSCD 561977
Roots TechniquesVarious ArtistsPSCD 24197X
Safe TravelVarious ArtistsPSCD 471966-68
Santic & FriendsVarious ArtistsPSCD 011980
Sounds And Pressure Vol 1Various ArtistsPSCD 05197X
Sounds And Pressure Vol 2Various ArtistsPSCD 10197X

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